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NCPA provides comments on many different issues in the small finance industry. These releases are filed on a chronological basis but the search function will help you find relevant media releases on a particular topic.

  • Small Loans Big Need

    Apr 06 2017

    More than 3 million Australians are financially excluded from our economy according to Good Shepherd. These people often don’t qualify for a NILS loan, other assistance or simply have an emergency that requires funds they don’t have. The availability of assistance through a highly regulated small amount credit contract (SACC) loan has been consistently decreasing since 2013.

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  • Small Loan Providers Disappointed by Government Response

    Nov 30 2016

    CEO of NCPA has expressed disappointment on behalf of members in regard to the announcement from Minister O’Dwyer to adopt some unworkable recommendations from the review panel’s final report

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  • Proposed Reform Will Increase The Cost Of Credit

    Nov 22 2016

    NCPA warns that government proposed 'reforms' to the NCCP Act will increase the cost of credit if maximum repayment cap is introduced.

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  • The Governments Billion Dollar Credit Problem

    Nov 09 2016

    Some of the proposed recommendations from the Review Panel are poised to create a Billion Dollar Credit Problem for the Government.

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  • NCPA Statement on ASIC Announcement

    Nov 09 2016

    NCPA has today issued a statement on the ASIC Announcement regarding the probe into Cash Converters

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  • NCPA Responds To The Age Article About Payday Loans

    Nov 08 2016

    NCPA responds to The Age article about payday loans which speaks about the small loans industry in an inappropriately derogatory manner.

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  • NCPA Calls On Government To Ban APR For Small Loans Under 12 Months

    Nov 02 2016

    NCPA, the national association for the small loans industry, calls on government to ban APRs for small loans under 12 months as they are a meaningless measure for credit products under 12 months.

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  • Payday Loans Don't Exist

    Oct 18 2016

    Payday Loans Don't Exist! What Does Is A Small Loan With Big Consumer Protections. In Australia there is a small loan with big protections for consumers. It is one of the most highly regulated consumer loans available on the market.

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  • NCPA Responds To Triple J’s Hack

    Sep 02 2016

    NCPA responds to Triple J's Hack which has many inaccuracies concerning the Australian small loans industry

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  • NCPA Statement on Cash Converters

    Aug 31 2016

    NCPA has issued a statement with reference to the recent announcement from Cash Converters (Cash Converters prepares for probe penalties – The Australian, 27 August)

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  • Statement of Response By NCPA To Google Announcement

    May 12 2016

    Phil Johns, CEO, NCPA has issued a statement of response to today's announcement by Google of banning 'payday' lenders from advertising in Google AdWords

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  • NCPA Issues Holding Statement In Response To Tabling Of Report Into SACC Review

    Apr 20 2016

    NCPA the peak industry body representing the small loans industry, whose members are lenders providing SACCs, will shortly make comment, after the association’s CEO, Phil Johns, has fully and in detail reviewed the 120 page report and the recommendations.

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  • NCPA RESPONSE to ASIC Review of Fair Go Finance (Fair Go)

    Feb 10 2016

    Following ASIC’s media announcement about NCPA’s member Fair Go Finance, the Association is taking the opportunity to formally reply and show its support for their member. Phil Johns, CEO of NCPA, comments: “The product under review from ASIC, the Fair Go Flexi-Loan, saved customer’s money in the majority of

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  • Financial stress levels make small loans even more important

    Feb 10 2016

    With growing levels of mortgage stress, weaker retail sales and rental prices out of reach for many Australians on low and middle incomes according to recent media reports, access to small loans is vital to the three million Australians who are unable to access mainstream finance.

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  • Let's Start and Open Honest Discussion About the Big Need for Small Loans in Australia

    Dec 10 2015

    LET’S START AN OPEN HONEST DISCUSSION - ABOUT THE BIG NEED FOR SMALL LOANS IN AUSTRALIA. The National Credit Providers Association (NCPA) is challenging those who believe there is no need for small loans in the credit market. The industry association representing responsible lending is asking people to consider what they would do if they did not have access to credit through traditional finance such as credit cards; a concept many find hard to grasp.

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  • New Research Reveals Truth About So Called Pay Day Loans Industry

    Oct 29 2015

    New research has revealed facts and figures for the small amount lending industry historically known as payday Loans. Nearly two million consumers completed an application for small amount loans between 2014 -2015. The need for this highly regulated small amount financial product remains staggeringly high for everyday Australians.

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  • Small Loans Association Stresses Importance Of Current Data For Government Review

    Oct 07 2015

    Small Loans Association Stresses Importance Of Current Data For Government Review. The National Credit Providers Association (NCPA), Australia’s peak body for the small amount consumer lending industry, is formally voicing its support for the current government review of the small amount credit contract (SACC) laws. However, it urges panelists to look at the facts and up-to-date information, so as not to leave the millions of Australians who use small loans - incorrectly known as Pay Day Loans - without an option for unexpected short term credit needs

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  • NCPA Issues Statement on Fast Access Finance Decision

    Oct 01 2015

    NCPA issues response to ASIC regarding 15-278MR Federal Court Fast Access Finance breaches National Credit Act. “This is not an unexpected outcome by the court. The business divisions of Fast Access Finance outlined in ASIC’s release were unlicensed providers who ...

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  • NCPA Working with ASIC to Improve Compliance and Standards Across the Sector

    Mar 16 2015

    ***Tuesday, 17th March 2015*** The National Credit Providers Association (NCPA), which represents short term lenders, today said it looks forward to working with ASIC to improve compliance and standards across the sector. NCPA Chief Executive Phil Johns said while the report showed there are some valid concerns about the industry’s performance since the national consumer protection legislation was updated in 2013, overall the vast majority of short term lenders are meeting their regulatory requirements. “Reflecting the introduction of substantial regulations that have taken effect in recent years, the industry has invested heavily in people and technology to ensure that consumers receive the best possible service and outcome,” Mr Johns said.

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  • NFSF Supports ASIC Decision on The Cash Store

    Feb 20 2015

    The National Financial Services Federation (NFSF), which represents small amount lenders, today said it supported ASIC’s comments regarding the Federal Court’s decision to award significant penalties against The Cash Store Pty Ltd, which is now in liquidation. The NFSF took action to remove The Cash Store as members from the industry association in late August 2010, less than two months after the start of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, when the NFSF board became aware that their practices in the market place were not conducive to the requirements of the new Act.

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  • Payday Sector Welcomes Senate Committee report

    Dec 07 2011

    The National Financial Services Federation today welcomed the Senate Economic Committee’s report on regulation of payday lending and said that it is ready to work with the Government to ensure its proposed legislation protects vulnerable Australians while maintaining a viable industry.

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  • Response to Joint Committee Report

    Dec 02 2011

    Response to Joint Committee Report The National Financial Services Federation said that it is ready to work with the Government and other interested parties to formulate improved regulation of short-term lending following today’s report from the Parliamentary Committee chaired by Labor MP Bernie Ripoll.

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  • Payday Lenders Say ASIC Report Will Reinforce Compliance

    Nov 23 2011

    Payday Lenders Say ASIC Report Will Reinforce Compliance.... ASIC found that a majority of lenders were aware of and were taking steps to comply with their responsible lending obligations but that further improvements were needed.

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  • NFSF Proposes Short-Term Loan Solution To Protect Consumers

    Oct 19 2011

    NFSF Proposes Short-Term Loan Solution To Protect Consumers ... Recommends “Protected Earnings Amount” Repayment Limit. The National Financial Services Federation today announced a compromise solution on regulation of short-term loans that is designed to boost protection for consumers maintain a viable credit sector and avoid financial exclusion for many Australians.

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  • Caught Short Report Shows Short-Term Loan Industry Is Needed

    Sep 23 2011

    Caught Short Report Shows Short-Term Loan Industry Is Needed ..... The National Financial Services Federation today welcomed the Caught Short report prepared by RMIT, which highlights the need for sensible regulation of the short-term lending industry. “It is pleasing to note that the researchers who prepared the report acknowledged the need for the ongoing viability of the short-term loan industry as it is an important source of funds for many people,” said NFSF Chairman Mark Redmond, who attended the launch of the report in Melbourne

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