Rogue Website Illegally Using Members Business Names Logos and Website Content

Sep 29 2016

 Rogue Website Illegally Using Members Business Names

CEO Phil Johns warns Members of a website about which he has received several reports and complaints.  The website (found on this link ) appears to be a "cost comparison" or possibly a "referral' website" but is actually  illegally using Members'  logos, business names, and Members' website conttents to attract loan applications.  Phil warns that all of this Member information is actually a sham and none of the material allows a potential customer to get to the relavant Member's website  when the consumer clicks on the Member's logo, name, or the related “online application” link! 

According to Phil, "this website illegally utilizes Members' intellectual property without permission. It looks like this website has just about cut and pasted every lender’s logo from our sector into this website in one place or another."

But, if you are really unlucky, Members may find that their details are also listed on the website's PayDay Loans page which devalues the Member's brand as SACC and MACC lenders because they are wishing to disassociate themselves from banned 'payday' lending.

Member Action::

Members are warned to be vigilant and to act immediately if they detect other websites doing a similar activity.

 If your logo or name appears on this website without permission you should take immediate action to have it removed.

 According to the Privacy Policy statement, the person responsible for this website is;

 Alexander Balanoff  -

 A review of this webpage  shows that this is not this person’s first website like this.