Members Have been Warned About A High Tech Fraudulent Loan Application

Feb 24 2016

Warning About A High Tech Fraudulent Loan Application

 CEO, Phil Johns, has warned that one of our Members is currently talking to NSW police about a recent high tech fraudulent loan application from a male consumer. 

The high quality but fake doucments included:

  1. NSW Driver’s license,
  2. Veda profile,
  3. St George EFTPOS card,
  4. St George Bank Statement,
  5. Centrelink Income statement.

 The ‘consumer’ asked for the $600 loan in cash.  The loan was issued the Blacktown area of Sydney and subsequently has proven to be fraudulent.

 The fake bank statement and fake addresses used by the consumer contained areas such as Wollongong (his driver's license), Westmead, Liverpool, Fairfield, and Fairfield West in NSW.

 The fake Centrelink statement contained income from:

  • Carer's allowance
  • Energy Supplement
  • GST Component
  • Pharmaceutical Allowance
  • Rent Assistance

 These documents were of such high qualtiy that it would be highly unlikely someone would go to such extreme fraudulent document manipulation for a single $600 loan.

 Please advise all staff to be on alert for any consumers who may match this profile of details

Please note that this person provides a bank statement to prove income etc but wants the loan advance as cash.


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