Becoming A Member Of The NCPA

The National Credit Providers Association covers all states and territories in Australia to represent small and medium amount credit providers, as well as suppliers to our industry as Associate Members. The Association strives to promote the development and sustainability of the industry and to promote and protect the rights of our members' customers by applying responsible lending processes.

As part of the process of becoming a Member, you will receive documents regarding how the Association operates and what is expected of you as a Member. Your Membership Application form will give us comprehensive information about your entity which is part of the assessment process towards Membership approval. There are two levels of Membership - General Membership and Associate Membership.  General Membership is for those operating in the small and medium loan market place under an ASIC Credit Licence.  Other entities associated with the industry but not actually lenders (such as software providers, solicitors, accountants) are classed as Associate Members with a different level of fees applying to each type of Membership.

Once accepted as a Member, you will be given access to restricted areas of the Association website where Member-only information is stored but will be available to you 24/7. As a Member of the NCPA you will receive representation on regulatory issues facing the industry, regular updates of information relating to both the industry as well as good corporate governance issues and also relevant industry education. Our once a year, AGM is also a training day where Members hear important information from keynote speakers relating to the industry, meet fellow Members, and discuss current industry issues with attending industry representatives.

Members of the NCPA abide by a Code of Conduct to ensure a level of high ethical standards and agree to follow the Goals and Missions of the Association.

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Types of Memberships

General Members

General Members are businesses who hold an ASIC Australian Credit License, who operate as a credit provider or credit assistant provider (broker) entities.

Note: New entrants to the market can join the Federation in advance of gaining your credit license. In some cases, this has helped new entrants during the licensing access information and professional advice not available to non-members.

Associate Members

Associate Members are businesses and/or other stakeholders who interact with our General Members or our Members customers.

Associate Members have no voting rights with the NCPA structure. This Membership status is provided primarily as an information stream to those entities supporting our Members.

Examples of Associate Members are;

  • Law firms.
  • Universities.
  • Software providers.
  • Training organisations.
  • Other credit related industry associations.

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