About NCPA

The current name of the National Credit Providers Association was adopted on the 8th September 2014, to allow the name of the organisation to better reflect who our Members are and what our Members do.


On the 7th April 2008, the National Financial Services Federation (Limited) was incorporated as a mutual not-for-profit industry association. The 14 founding directors were representatives of various state associations and informal industry councils who represented small amount short term consumer lenders in Australia. The first board meeting was held on the 3rd June 2008 at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, Sydney Airport, with Philip Johns appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

The timing of the incorporation to a national entity was fortuitous, as less than 3 months later the then Commonwealth Government released the Financial Services and Credit Reform Green Paper, which was the precursor to the largest change to credit laws in Australia.  The reform initiative lead to the responsibility of credit laws being moved from the States to the Commonwealth on the 1st July 2010. Being a national body, the Federation was allocated a seat on the Ministers consultation group for this change.


Since its early days of inception, NCPA has provided a strong united voice in the small loans national arena and has been instrumental in bringing about significant changes in Commonwealth legislation which provides more protection to its Members' customers under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and ASIC credit licensing requirements.  The Association now looks forward to working closely with Members, policy makers, and consumer advocacy groups to help maintain a viable small loans industry that provides responsible lending and necessary financial inclusion to about 750,000 Australians a year.

NCPA and its Members are committed to working with ASIC in an open and transparent manner to continue improving the performance of the industry and ensuring that where there are legitimate complaints that they are addressed quickly and in favour of the consumer.